Chapter 1 (2015)


Welcome aboard our maiden voyage across the sea on the HMS Pigs Nose that's about to sail from the port in East Prawle across to new a land in the west. The ship has on board all of the latest and greatest in disco rhythmic technologies which can supply high-quality entertainment to the different unconventional traveller masses that travel onboard the HMS Pigs Nose.

As you travel 3/4 of the journey, the clouds go over, the sky gets dark and the wind picks up. You hear a strange screeching noise coming from the depths of the blue water. A humongous radioactive crab larger than the Eden project surfaces out of the water and catches part of the boat within its monstrous claws. The crab then starts to tear through the boat, straight down the centre. Luckily most people manage to get on a lifeboat and sail to safety.


CHAPTER 2 (2016)


After the ship sank and you managed to get away from the crab. You found an uninhabited tropical island which was perfect for taking up shelter. Weeks then months went by... no aircraft or ships went past, there was no one for you to signal too. Soon time went past and the survivors started to run out of emergency supplies. To find more supplies the survivors need to go deeper down into the jungle where they come across a secret military base. Suddenly a loud countdown was coming from the base and it started to unfold and open up to reveal a small UFO spacecraft taking off. The UFO looked like nothing anyone had ever seen before. 


CHAPTER 3 (2017)

Journey into the unknown

As the survivors try to run away the spaceship hovers overhead and doors open from the bottom and it then beamed everyone up into the ship. The UFO then blasted off into the vast nothingness of space.

You wake up to find that you and the rest of the survivors are locked in a dark futuristic room aboard the alien spacecraft you look all around the room for the exit but you can't find one. Suddenly all these strange blue light beams appear almost like they are scanning you... 

CHAPTER 4: crash-land onto westeros

NYE 2018

As the alien ship starts to scan you, your vision starts to fade and you drift away to sleep. YOU AWAKEN strapped to a pillar in what looks like the command deck of a ship. You look around and see two strange-looking aliens wearing white and silver suits. They make strange noises to communicate with each other. You feel something strange, a huge headache, almost like it’s tearing you apart. The ship is travelling through a wormhole in space, only to come out where the aliens did not intend: you're at the wrong coordinates, far to close to the giant planet Westeros. The planet's gravitational pull is too strong for the ship, and its starts to be pulled in. The aliens have no option but to initiate a crash-landing onto the surface of the planet. The landing is unsuccessful, as half the ship breaks off during the descent. Luckily, you manage to survive, although you have been knocked unconscious. You awake to find yourself in a strange world that looks similar to the American Wild West, but not everything is as it seems…